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How to choose the best deal?

Posted on 07/05/2017

The Internet is full of attractive deals. Sometimes the consumer gets lost among myriads of deals. The marketers are quite good at their job, and you will simply have no idea what the next one would have to say. But you have to go for the best deal anyway.

How can you do it?

First, look at each product separately without thinking about the other. Suppose you have three products, A, B and C. When you check the product A, you should forget about B and C. The same applies to B when you have to forget the presence of A and C. Then you should consider how much you can afford to pay.

Each product has its own uniqueness. Some features of the product A may be lacking in the product B. Two things matter in this case. First it is your money. Second it is your satisfaction. You need to weigh the options based on these two factors.

For instance, you might come across properties with different acreage and other features. On close scrutiny, you might pay a higher price to a land with less acreage considering other factors such as safety into consideration. That is when you can consider to have chosen the best deal.

Or simply compare the prices of the deals. This is when products are similar in quality.

Another factor to consider is assessing the feasibility. Here too you need to consider the most important factors. Some properties could easily be bought by a bank loan. If you can buy it from a bank loan, that means your property has a second hand market value. Whether you can buy it on your own or not, try out the bank loan possibility. If a bank loan is difficult, it means the property does not have good second hand market.

Negotiation also matters well in choosing the best deal. Offer the same questions to your seller, and study how well they answer. Give them marks. The one with the highest marks deserves the deal. You have approached the best deal.

The problem occurs when two deals seem equally promising. It happens most often. Deals could be similar because sellers are in a competitive market and ready to offer the best price. In such a situation, you can review all the regulations, conditions and other essential factors pertaining to construction. For instance you can explore the convenience of locating contractors and subcontractors for the construction. The availability of contractors and subcontractors will be the decisive factor here.

Before settling on to a deal, you need to study the property or the product well. Only then will you be able to argue how fair the deal is. For instance, if you are versed in real estate you should be able to spot the setbacks of the property and persuade the seller to reduce the price.

This however does not mean you should always go for the reduced, or cheap, price. The cheap prices do not offer any guarantee of any quality.